What Is the Freezing Point of Wine?


The freezing point of wine actually depends on its alcohol content. But for most table wines, it is typically around 0 degrees Celsius. Pure alcohol (ethanol) normally freezes at about -114.7 degrees Celsius (-174.46 Fahrenheit).
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Even though freezing red wine destroys the task of it, it will usually freeze between 0C and -6C but it really depends on the amount of alchol. Cool
Freezing point would be lowered from 0degrees C to about -6degrees C by the
The solid form of sucrose is a crystalline powder. The liquid form of sucrose is a thick syrup. The temperature of this transition is called the freezing or melting point and it occurs
Apparently about -0.54 degrees Celsius. http://van.physics.illino. is.edu/.
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