What Is the Function of a Cytoplasm?


The main function of the cytoplasm is providing support to the internal structures of a cell. It is the place where cell expansion and growth take place in addition to being a medium in which the organelles can stay suspended. It also helps in maintaining the shape and steadiness of the cell.
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the cell substance between the cell membrane and the nucleus,
The cytosol is considered the "soup" in which all the other cell organelles are housed. This is where most of the cell growth and development occurs. Organelles are smaller
The cytoplasm function in a plant cell is almost similar to the cytoplasm function in an animal cell. In general, cytoplasm function in a cell is almost a mechanical one. It provides
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Cytoplasm is a semi-fluid subtance enclosed within the cell membrane. It encases, cushions and protects the internal organelles. It is the site where most of the metobolic pathways and processes take place.
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