What Is the Function of a Cytoplasm?


The main function of the cytoplasm is providing support to the internal structures of a cell. It is the place where cell expansion and growth take place in addition to being a medium in which the organelles can stay suspended. It also helps in maintaining the shape and steadiness of the cell.
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Cytoplasm is the portion of the cell outside the nucleus. The nucleus and cytoplasm work together in the business of life.
The cytoplasm plays a mechanical role maintaining the shape and consistency of
Cytoplasmic male sterility, or CMS, is an inherited trait. The gene that causes sterile pollen is passed from the female plant to the male plant. The trait may be passed from the
Cytosol. is the liquid substance of the cytoplasm, being mostly water with solutes and nutrients. It acts as a cushion for the organelles. The real structure however, is given by
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Cytoplasm is a semi-fluid subtance enclosed within the cell membrane. It encases, cushions and protects the internal organelles. It is the site where most of the metobolic pathways and processes take place.
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