What Is the Function of a Cytoplasm?


The main function of the cytoplasm is providing support to the internal structures of a cell. It is the place where cell expansion and growth take place in addition to being a medium in which the organelles can stay suspended. It also helps in maintaining the shape and steadiness of the cell.
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the cytoplasm is the stuff that holds everything in place inside a cell.
The cytoplasm plays a mechanical role, to maintain the shape, consistency
Cytoplasm is a substance made largely of protein and water that fills the otherwise-empty spaces in a cell's body. Since the cell is a membrane with functioning organelles inside
The cytoplasm function in a plant cell is almost similar to the cytoplasm function in an animal cell. In general, cytoplasm function in a cell is almost a mechanical one. It provides
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Cytoplasm is a semi-fluid subtance enclosed within the cell membrane. It encases, cushions and protects the internal organelles. It is the site where most of the metobolic pathways and processes take place.
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