What Is the Function of a Gate Valve?


The function of a gate valve is to ensure a straight line flow of a liquid where minimal restriction is desired. When the valve is wide open, the gate gets fully drawn up into the valve, which leaves an opening that is the same size as the pipe installed in the valve. This thus allows the liquid to flow since there is little pressure or restriction in the valve.
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A gate valve, also referred to as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens and closes to regulate fluid flow. A gate valve opens by lifting a rectangular or round gate or wedge, often
it functions generally as servo valve and differs only in the feedback process in plc system.
They prevent the back flow of blood
It's type of valve used in fire water system for fire protaction.
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What is the Function of a Gate Valve?
Piping systems are used to channel fluids from one system to another. The flow of this fluid must be controlled for the piping system to direct the fluid efficiently to its destination. A gate valve can be used for this function.... More »
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Gate valves are valves that work by the lifting of a gate from the path of a fluid which facilitates flow in only one direction. They are usually made of cast iron with the threaded stem of the valve either a rising or non rising type.
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