What Is the Function of a Petal?


The petals are the outer parts of a plant that attract insects and other pollinating agents to the flowers. Usually, the petals produce nectar and they may be scented. They are normally located above the sepals.
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Flower petals attact bees to polinate them. One of the main functions of flower petals is attraction. The pretty colors and pleasant fragrance of flower petals draw the attention
The petals attract insects (bees, butterflies etc.), birds and small mammals so the flower can be pollinated and produce seeds. The petals are also called the inflorescence of the
The petals are brightly colored to attract pollinators such as bees.
It is almost always for attracting pollenators, but it can have a few more uses to a plant. It can even imitate the shape and colour of a pollenator insect (and attract others of
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What Are the Functions of Flower Petals?
Flower petals come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, from pale pinks to vivid oranges. Petals are often used in wedding decorations, potpourri mixes and bathwater. As pretty as they are, flowers do not bloom sweet-smelling, colorful petals solely... More »
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The main function of flower petals is to attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees and bats. Flower petals typically have bright and vivid colors which assist ...
A sepal is a part of a flower of angiosperms. They have a number of functions which include protecting the petals when the flower is in bud. It also protects the ...
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