What is the function of a tendon?


The main function of tendons is to carry tensile forces from the muscle to the bone. Tendons are also used to connect the muscle tissue to bones. A tendon is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that can withstand tension.
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Tendons are parts of the body that join muscles to bones. Tendons are bands of connective tissue that transfer the force of muscle contraction to bones, allowing the body to move.
Tendons connect muscles to bones. cool
Tendon: a cord or band of dense, tough, inelastic, white, fibrous t...
Attachments Tendons connect muscle to bone, allowing for movement. Tendons are sometimes confused with ligaments, which attach bone to bone. Functions Tendons can only move bone in
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The Tendons, Aponeuroses, and Fasciæ
Tendons are white, glistening, fibrous cords, varying in length and thickness, sometimes round, sometimes flattened, and devoid of elasticity. They consist almost entirely of white fibrous tissue, the fibrils of which have an undulating... More »
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