What Is the Function of an RF Modulator?


The function of the RF modulator is to convert video and audio output from the DVD player or any other device, into a channel 3/4 signal. This signal should be compatible with the input from a TV cable or antenna.
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Analog TV signals are transmitted by a television station and received by the television's antenna. RF modulators use the signals generated by a composite video, or soundless, picture-only
RF stands for radio frequency, and a modulator is a way to change a signal. A RF modulator takes a signal and converts it to a radio frequency. The most common use for RF modulators
The task of an RF module is to transmit and receive radio signals across a number of frequencies. They are part of a small electrical circuit placed in a radio or similar device.
RF modulators converts the video output of a DVD player to a channel 3/4 signal that's
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What Is the Function of an RF Modulator?
Radio frequency refers to the rate of oscillation, or spinning, that corresponds to electrical signal frequencies used to produce radio waves. RF, or radio frequency, modulators take an input signal and modify the format of the resulting output signal.... More »
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