What is the function of flower petals?


The main function of flower petals is to attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees and bats. Flower petals typically have bright and vivid colors which assist in pollination by drawing the attention of insects, birds and animals. Some petals have markings, such as spots and stripes, to help pollinators find the pollen in the flower.

Pollination is the means of reproduction in flowers. Pollinating insects, birds and animals hover over petals to gather pollen. This helps in the process of pollination. Some flowers have large, attractive blooms that release heavy scent. Other flower petals attract insects for food. Carnivorous plants use their petals to capture and absorb nutrition from insects. Examples of insect-eating plants are Venus flytrap and pitcher plants.

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to look pretty. the bright colours and shape attract the bees and whatever to pollinate it :D.
Plants of the viola family grow best in cool temperatures, so are often planted for winter color in the South, and for early spring color in the northern United States. Viola flowers
Answer the male gamete travel down the style of the flower to its female ovule
Function The pistil typically sticks out beyond the stamens, or a flower's male organs, so that insects can easily brush up against the pistil. This helps transfer pollen and fertilize
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What Are the Functions of Flower Petals?
Flower petals come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, from pale pinks to vivid oranges. Petals are often used in wedding decorations, potpourri mixes and bathwater. As pretty as they are, flowers do not bloom sweet-smelling, colorful petals solely... More »
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The petals are the outer parts of a plant that attract insects and other pollinating agents to the flowers. Usually, the petals produce nectar and they may be ...
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