What Is the Function of the Abdominal Muscle?


The abdominal muscles are the muscles that provide the support structure for your entire body so that it can carry out day to day movements. The abdominal muscles function is dependent on the type of the postural and respiratory demands and can change function with running speed.
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Along with the back muscles, they keep the body upright.
There are several causes for an abdominal muscle spasm, some more severe than others. Causes could be due to appendicitis, hernia, colic and gastrointestinal perforation. An abdominal
Whether you have a six-pack, a four-pack or a whole keg, the abdominal muscles are a focal point of human anatomy from both a cosmetic and functional point of view. Beyond turning
n. Congenital absence of abdominal muscles, in which the outline of the intestines is visible through the protruding abdominal wall and the skin in the abdominal region is wrinkled.
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