What Is the Function of the Aortic Arch?


The aortic arch gives rise to three major arteries: the brachiocephalic trunk, the left subclavian, and the left common carotid. The function of the aortic arch is to supply oxygenated blood to these arteries, which in turn supply the head and brain, and left upper extremity. Aortic arch may also refer to any of several arterial channels around the embryonic pharynx.
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High proportion of elastin in the tunica media, and large amount of collagen in the tunica advetitia. Allows the Aortic arch to stretch during systole, and the elastic recoil allows
The aortic arches carry blood from the dorsal blood vessel to the ventral
Aortic arch syndrome refers to a group of signs and symptoms associated with structural problems in the arteries that branch off the aortic arch. The aortic arch is the top part of
The aorta makes an arch (like the Arch in St Louis), going anteriorly for a short distance before reversing and descending posteriorly. I'm sure there is a picture of it somewhere
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