What Is the Function of the Bile Duct?


The main function of the bile duct is to carry bile from the hepatic duct to the gallbladder and from the gallbladder to the common duct. It also helps in breaking down fats during digestion.
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The function of the bile is to emulsify fats. (break them into smaller
The bile duct is a tube that runs from the liver to the intestines and carries bile to the intestines for digestion. Bile duct cancer is the development of tumors in that duct that
n. The duct formed by the union of the cystic duct and the hepatic duct that carries bile from the liver and the gallbladder to the duodenum.
Pancreatic cancer is the most common malignant cause, followed by cancers of the gallbladder, bile duct, liver, and large intestine.
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