What Is the Function of the Cornea?


The cornea shields the rest of the eye from dust, germs and other harmful foreign matter. It also controls and focuses incoming light but contains no blood vessels to nurture or protect it against infection.
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The cornea is a transparent cover for the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber. It also refracts light. In actuality the lens only accounts for one third of our refractive power while
The sclera is an outer fibrous layer that encases and protects the eyeball. The cornea controls and focuses the entry of light into the eye, protects against germs and other matter
The cornea is a barrier that shields the inside of the eye from germs,
Because the cornea is as smooth and clear as glass but as strong and durable as plastic, it helps the eye in two ways:
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The iris contracts and expands the pupil, in reaction to the brightness of the surrounding light. It is a ring of muscle fibres positioned behind the cornea and ...
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