What Is the Function of the Cowper's Gland?


The Cowper's glad is a sex glad in a male. It's primary function is to release a mucous that will aid in neutralizing any urine in the urethra prior to ejaculation.
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The Cowper's glands (bulbourethral gland) are male sexual glands. They are two small racemose glands that are located below the prostate and discharge a component of the seminal fluid
Cowper's glands are a pair of pea-sized glands that secrete an alkaline fluid
Bulbourethral gland or Cowper's gland is a pea-sized gland in the male that discharges a component of seminal fluid into the urethra.
The adrenal glands are comprised of two parts-the cortex and medulla-that produce hormones (chemicals messengers that regulate body functions) The medulla, or inner part of the adrenal
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A bulbourethral gland is also known as the Cowper's gland. The gland excretes a lubricating mucus that is important for sex. The gland was discovered by William Cowper, an anatomist who lived from 1666 until 1709.
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