What is the function of the cranium?


The cranium, or skull, protects the fragile brain from damage, according to the BBC. In humans, the cranium is composed of eight different bones that grow together. These different bones attach at areas called sutures.

The BBC explains that the human skull is almost full-grown at the time of birth; however, the various bones haven't yet fused together, which allows the skull to warp and stretch in order to fit through the birth canal. Over approximately 24 months, the sutures become rigid.

The BBC explains that the cranium is not the only structure that protects the brain. In addition to the bones that form the skull, 14 facial bones attach to the front of the skull. The facial bones help to hold the nose and eyes in place and provide an attachment point for the mandible, or lower jawbone. The mandible is the only bone in the entire skull that moves freely. The Mayo Clinic notes that the jawbone connects to the skull at a place called the temporomandibular joint.

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The functions of the cranium are to encloses the brain and protect the organs of sight, hearing and balance. Protect the brain. To protect the brain. The cranium is the box formed
Functions of the cranium include protection of the brain, fixing the distance
Animals that have skulls are called craniates. Functions of the skull include protection of the brain, fixing the distance between the eyes to allow stereoscopic vision, and fixing
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The Skull
The skull is supported on the summit of the vertebral column, and is of an oval shape, wider behind than in front. It is composed of a series of flattened or irregular bones which, with one exception (the mandible), are immovably jointed... More »
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Maxilla's function is to hold the upper jaw and form a boundary for the top of the mouth. It also reduces the weight of the cranium. ...
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