Function of the Duodenum?


The duodenum is a small tube like organ, which is normally considered as the first section of the small intestine. Its main function is to receive the partly digested foods from the stomach and finish the digestion process.
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The duodenum's function is to accept chyme from the stomach and complete the digestion of food. Chyme is the mixture of stomach acid and swallowed food. Bile released from the gallbladder
Almost every living mammal has a duodenum as it the most important part of the digestive system. In humans it is broken down into four parts which ultimately helps in the food to
Put simply the Duodenum is the first part of the small intestine. It acts as a site for chemical digestion of Lipids, Protein and Starch primarily. This chemical digestion involves
The deodenim, is part of the intestine. In anatomy of the digestive system, the duodenum is a hollow jointed tube about 25-30 cm (10-12 in) long connecting the stomach to the jejunum
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The Small Intestine
The small intestine is a convoluted tube, extending from the pylorus to the colic valve, where it ends in the large intestine. It is about 7 meters long, 168 and gradually diminishes in size from its commencement to its termination. It is... More »
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The pylorus is the lower area in the stomach joining to the duodenum. The function of the pylorus in a frog is to standardize the exit of moderately assimilated ...
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