What Is the Function of the Intestines?


The function of intestines, precisely the small intestine, is absorbing food products (digestion). The large intestine is accountable for absorbing water and excretion of solid waste material. Food and waste material are usually moved along the intestine by regular contractions of intestinal muscle.
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Intestinal floras aid in the digestion of food by assisting in the absorption of vital nutrients required for energy and survival; they also destroy ingested toxins that can be harmful
it grinds up the food even more but im not really sure
the small intestine is a long tube in which more digestive juices are breaking down the food.Digestion is completed in the small intestine.
The same as in the humans. To remove nutrients and water before turning into solid waste. However they don't have a rectum and anus only an opening called the cloaca. So once the
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The Large Intestine
The large intestine extends from the end of the ileum to the anus. It is about 1.5 meters long, being one-fifth of the whole extent of the intestinal canal. Its caliber is largest at its commencement at the cecum, and gradually diminishes as... More »
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