Nucleolus Function?


Nucleoli manufacture the subunits that combine to form ribosomes, the cell's protein-producing factories.
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The nucleolus is a large, spherical structure present in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. It is the site where ribosome subunits are assembled, and where both ribosomal RNA synthesis
The nucleolus, located in the nucleus, makes the ribosome which is
The function of the nucleolus is to synthesize rRNA. rRNA molecules are assembled, together with many protein molecules, into 2 subunits of future ribosomes.
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The nucleolus is the center region of the nucleus responsible for the production of ribosomes.
The function of the Nucleolus is production of subunits which together form the ribosomes. The ribosomes manufacture proteins hence the nucleolus plays a role in protein synthesis. It is a non-membrane bound structure located in the nucleus.
Nucleolus is the very important sub-necular structure that is not bound with a membrane and resides in the nuclear matrix. The main function of the nucleolus is to produce and assemble the ribosome componenets.
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