What Is the Function of the Pleural Cavity?


The pleural cavity, with its allied pleurae, aids most favourable functioning of the lungs in respiration process. The pleural cavity contains the pleural fluid that allows the pleurae to slide smoothly against each other during ventilation.
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The lungs are surrounded by two membranes, the pleurae. The outer pleura covers and is attached to the chest wall and is known as the parietal pleura. The inner one covers and is
The pleural cavity is the space that lies between the pleura, the two thin membranes that line and surround the lungs. The pleural cavity contains a small amount of a thin fluid known
Many of the symptoms of pleural cavity diseases are the result of the rubbing of irritated pleura against each other. Sharp chest pain, especially when you inhale deeply or cough,
The lungs are found in the pleural cavity.
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The Pleuræ
Each lung is invested by an exceedingly delicate serous membrane, the pleura, which is arranged in the form of a closed invaginated sac. A portion of the serous membrane covers the surface of the lung and dips into the fissures between its... More »
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