What is the function of the rib cage?


The rib cage protects vital organs, such as the heart and lungs. Three types of bones form one’s rib cage: the sternum, ribs and thoracic vertebrae.

The rib cage helps push air out of the lungs as well. Muscles lining the rib cage help move the rib cage up upon inhalation, so the lungs can expand. During exhalation, the muscles and the lungs relax, allowing the weight of the rib cage to push out carbon dioxide air through the mouth and nose.

Although the rib cage works to protect delicate organs, it is also fragile. People break or fracture their ribs on a regular basis.

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The rib cage serves two functions. It primary function is protection for the heart and lungs. Without this protection fatal damage could too easily occur. The second and far lesser
i don't know the specifics regarding fetal pigs. but our rib cage muscles are used for breathing. they're called internal and external intercostal muscles. maybe utube has something
The diaphragm is located directly beneath the rib
muscular system.
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The Rib Cage
The skeleton of the thorax or chest is an osseo-cartilaginous cage, containing and protecting the principal organs of respiration and circulation. It is conical in shape, being narrow above and broad below, flattened from before backward, and... More »
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