What is the function of the ureter?


The function of the ureter is to move urine from the kidney to the bladder. The human body has two ureters that connect to the two kidneys. Ureters are about 12 inches long.

Ureters are tube-like structures that are part of the urinary tract. Other organs of the urinary tract are the kidneys, bladder and urethra. Each of these organs are important for the removal of urine and waste from the body. However, each functions differently. The kidneys produce about two quarts of urine each day. After urine leaves the kidneys through the ureters, it remains in the bladder until it moves to the urethra and exits the body through urination.

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The ureter is a tube that pulls the urine from your kidneys into your bladder. It is said to be around 25-30 cm in adults. Urine leaves your body in the urethra.
The function/role of the URETERS is: the urine passes from the kidneys to the bladder : Study Hard. I love aubrey co 5-st. Matthew st.andrew's school from Sophia Almero :
In human anatomy, the ureters are muscular ducts that propel urine from
Norepinephine balances epinephrine in the nervous system.The adrenal medulla,is a small gland in the vicinity of the kidneys produces both.
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The function of the renal artery is to supply blood flow to the ureters, kidneys, and adrenal glands. Blood from the heart flows through the abdominal aorta. Any ...
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