What Is the Functional Unit of the Nervous System?


The functional unit of the nervous system is the interconnected system of brain and nerves. The nerves collect data and transmit it to the brain. The brain, both the conscious and unconscious systems, sends messages back to the body.
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The nervous system has many specific functions, but one can think of its fundamental function as being primarily concerned with allowing an organism to interact with its environment
The neuron is the basic unit of the nervous
The peripheral and central nervous systems (PNS and CNS) are the two major branches of the nervous system. The CNS is where the most sophisticated processing occurs. It is where information
Neurons are the functional unit of the
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Compared to the definition of a Òfunctional unitÓ in computer engineering, the functional unit of the nervous system would be the brain. There is also a functional spinal unit (FSU) that is a part of the system. More on FSU here:
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