Gravitational Field Strength?


The gravitational strength on the moon is 1.61 Newtons per kilogram. This is the force by which the moon attracts one kilogram of mass. This is far less than the gravity of the earth which has an approximate value of 9.81 m/s.
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According to my physics teacher, it's 1.61 Newtons per kilogram. Hope this helps!!
Gravity on the moon is roughly 17% that of the gravity on Earth! Gravitational constant = 1.56m/s^2.
Use Newton's Law of Gravitation to determine g on the moon GMm/R^2 = m*g so g = GM/R^2 = 6.67x10^-11N-m^2/kg^2*7.4x10^22kg/(1.74x… = 1.63m/s^2
Small, dark and fast-moving, the two Martian moons went unnoticed
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The Gravitational Field Strength on Venus is 8.87 m/s2. This is about 90% percent of the gravitational field strength on Earth, meaning that a weight on Venus ...
The Moon is kept in orbit by the Earth even though it is 400,000km away; this gravity is the centripetal force. The Earth has a gravitational field that will attract ...
The gravitational field strength for mars is known to be 3.73 Newtons per kilogram. It is usually 0.38 times as much as the earth's gravitational pull (9.8 newtons ...
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