What is gravity?


Gravity is a type of force that attracts objects to one another. Objects with more mass have more of a gravitational pull than those with less mass. The pull of gravity also depends on the distance between two objects. The farther away an object is, the less gravitational pull it exerts.

Sir Isaac Newton, an English physicist, astronomer and mathematician, realized that some force was acting on the moon to keep it from flying off into space. He named this force gravity. Gravity is governed by the law of universal gravitation, which says that the force of attraction between two objects is directly related to the mass of both objects and inversely related to the square of the distance between the objects.

Gravity can be observed in many instances in the universe. The weight of a person on Earth is determined by the effect of gravity. If a person stood on the moon, her weight would be significantly less because the pull of gravity on the moon is less than that of Earth. Gravity, the weakest of the four forces of nature, determines the positions of the moons, planets and stars in the universe. The attraction between two objects never equals zero, so gravity continues to act, even if the objects are at quite a distance from each other. Gravity also helped shape Earth and other celestial objects into spheres. The tides on Earth are also a result of the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth.

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one of the 4 fundamental forces (interactions) in nature, it could be succinctly described as a natural phenomenon in which objects possessing mass attract one another.
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Gravity, or gravitation, is the force of attraction that exists between any two particles of matter (or any two objects). It is the force that holds planets in their orbits around
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Gravity is the attracting force that pulls two objects together.
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