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A Greek oracle is a member of a class of gods that predicts the future. They were usually female mortals who were considered possessed with the presence of the specific oracle for the time. Greek oracles were consulted when the Greek people wanted to know their outcome in a war or whether to wage war in the first place.
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A Greek oracle has a variety of meanings. It can be used to mean a god who predicted the future. It can also be used to mean a priest who hears a message, the message itself and the place where the message was heard.
The word oracle in Greek can be used to mean several related things. It may mean a god who predicts the future, example Apollo. It also means the cleric who receives the message, the message itself or the place where the minister hears the message. Most often it means the minister or the message.
The Greek Oracle was a term used to refer to a supernatural being that could predict the future or the priest who hears the message. The term is, however, technical as it can also be used to refer to the message itself and the place where the message is heard depending on usage in a sentence.
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Greek oracles are said to have had the ability to foresee the future. One of the most known oracles was that of Delphi.
Oracle, in Greek religion/mythology, was a priest or priestess who imparted the
A fortune teller who usually delivered messages or omens sent by the Gods. They were well respected holy figures, usually living their entire lives in a temple to act as the oracle
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