What Is the Greek Word for Black?


The Greek word for black is mavro as translated from English to Greek. Many words have been translated from one language to another through the use of dictionaries.
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Ethiope comes originally from the Greek "Aithiops" and the Latin "Aethiops, according to Webster. It is considered Middle English, via Anglo-French. Webster also defines
As in the veins in our body? Or veins of gold? Then it is. φλέβες. (n. pl.f) http://el.wiktionary.org/. wiki/%C.
certain = βέβαιος (vay-vay-ohs)
The Greek word fro life is ζωή (zoi) The Gerund form (ing) would translate as ζώντας (zontas)
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The greek word for black is ??????.
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