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A grim reaper is a personification of death and is usually portrayed as a cadaverous figure that is garbed from head to toe in a black hood and habit carrying a big scythe. Various cultures have many versions of the grim reaper that is also known as the Angle of death. This term is mostly used in the western culture and is associated with a very specific visual symbol.
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1. Have a clear image of what is being drawn. Either have a physical image to reference or be familiar enough with the figure to be able to see the figure clearly, including details
He is still considered the grim reaper.
1. Get a black bath robe. This is very important. No one would take the Grim Reaper seriously if he/she/it wore pink. Now put on your robe. It'd be a smart idea to wear something
(grĭm) n. The personification of death as a cloaked man or skeleton carrying a scythe.
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Grim Reaper
the personification of death as a man or cloaked skeleton holding a scythe.
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According to English, the Grim Reaper is death which is symbolised by a skeleton in a black coat and holding a scythe. The other names for death include Devil of Death, Angel of Death and Angel of Dark and Light. It has presented in several films such as Touched by an Angel, Dead Like Me and Supernatural among others.
The Grim Reaper is the personification of death. Many cultures have some version of the Grim Reaper, who is also sometimes called the Angel of Death. The Grim Reaper wears a black hooded cloak and takes the form of a skeleton, and holds a scythe representing the fact that he is coming to harvest lives.
In English, Grim Reaper is the name given to Death (personification of death). He is often depicted as a tall pale skeletal figure shrouded in a long, dark, black hooded cloak wielding a scythe which he uses to harvest souls with. It is also said that when Grim Reaper moves, he seemingly glides rather than walking.
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