What is the hardness of coal?


The most common type of coal is anthracite, which has a hardness of 2.2 when compared to the Moh's scale of mineral hardness, according to the Ted Pella website. However, since coal is not a mineral, it is not officially measured in this way.

Generally, the higher the value on the Moh's scale, the harder the material. The Moh's hardness is generally too subjective for anthracite since it does not have a completely uniform internal structure and might be harder or softer in different spots. For example, when a piece of coal fractures, it appears to be softer. The hardest mineral on the scale is the diamond, while the softest is talc.

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Because it is a rock, not a mineral, the Mohs value will vary significantly from sample to sample. An average range would be between 3.0 and 3.8.
Anthracite is a compact and hard variety of mineral coal with a high lustre. Anthracite contains the fewest impurities of all coals as well as the greatest carbon count, despite anthracite's
Many coal mines employ mountaintop removal, in which they demolish the tops of mountains to get to the coal within. This allows them to do more work with fewer miners. According to
Their are different ranks of coal on the basis of their carbon content. Ascending Order(peat with minimum carbon content) Peat. Lignite. Asphalt. (BITUMINOUS) Anthracite.
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Anthracite is black in colour. It is a hard, high lustre compact variety of mineral coal with the highest carbon count and highest calorific content of all types ...
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