Harvard HRM Model?


The Harvard model of HRM sees employees as resources. This approach recognizes the element of mutuality in all businesses. Employees are significant stakeholders in an organization. They have their own concerns and needs along with other groups such as shareholders and customers.
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HRM is generally considered to be either Hard or Soft where hard HRM is quantitative, calculative and treats people as a factor of production (an object) Soft HRM on the other hand
The model of American Society for training and development is called ASTD model. In its study ASTD identified 9 human resource areas : 1. Training & Developing. 2. Organizing
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Management students are trained to strategize, not execute. They are trained to understand complex management models, but never taught the basics of execution.
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The Harvard model of HRM is based on strategic vision and central philosophy. It involves management decisions and actions reflecting the relationship between the firm and its employees. It emphasizes on the importance of proper management of the human assets of an organisation to promote harmony and hence promote the output.
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