What Is the Heaviest Metal on Earth?


Osmium is the heaviest metal fund on earth. It is a hard, brittle and blue-black transition metal that is classified under the platinum family with a density of 22.59 grams per cubic centimetre. It is mostly found in platinum ores.
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Uranium is the heaviest metal that occurs in nature. Its atomic weight
What do you mean by "heavy" and "on earth? Lawrencium is technically the heaviest metal, but the question said "on earth. Lawrencium is synthetic, so even though
The heaviest metal ON EARTH that is not created in a lab is plutonium.
About eight percent of the Earth's crust is aluminum, making it the most abundant metal on this planet. However, it is always found combined with various other elements, never by
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Osmium is the heaviest or densest metal on earth followed closely by iridium. It is twice as dense as lead. It is found as an alloy in platinum ores. Its density is 22.61 gm/cm.
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