What is the height of a coat closet rod?


A coat closet rod can be placed at any height that suits its purpose.  Most people, however, leave the rod at the height that it was originally installed.  The standard height in America is 60'.
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In a standard, average closet, the shelf hangs at around 48 inches from the floor. This is exactly four feet and is basically chest height on an average-sized man. This height is
For rods hanging at 63" (height for dresses) place shelf 70" above the floor. For double hanging space, shelves can be placed at 42" and 84" above the floor.
The standard depth for a coat closet is 24 inches.
Phil, Sold 359-9 7-2008 for $111, it was in working / fair condition. I have seen many Southbends and they aren't all that different. South Bend rod models were made in three actions
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What Is the Height of a Coat Closet Rod?
The height of a coat closet rod can be varied depending on the closet's usage. There are standard height measurements, but depending on the installer, these can be changed.... More »
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A standard height of a closet rod for a standard sized closet is normally between 22 and 24 inches wide. The rod should sit 12 inches from the back wall. The rod ...
The standard height for a closet rod is 12 inches. The height of most closet rods are 60 to 65 inches from the floor. This allows one to hang many types of clothes ...
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