What Is the Highest Mountain in Japan?


Japan highest mountain is called Mt. Fuji which is 3,776 meters and slopes gently towards the foot. Mt Fuji is a dormant volcanic mountain and also the tallest among Japan's three great mountains that is climbed by over 200,000 people every year.
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The highest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji at 3,776 metres high.
Kita-dake, Japan's second tallest mountain peak at 3192 meters (10472
Mt Fuji.
What is the highest mountain in Japan? Three-fourths of Japan is covered by mountains, and tall mountain ranges run roughly through the center of the Japanese archipelago like a spine
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The highest point in Japan is Haakon VII Toppen/Beerenberg: 7,470 ft (2,277 m)
Lowest Point: Norwegian Sea, 0 ft (0 m)
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Mount Fuji (Fujisan) is the highest mountain in Japan measuring 3776 meters above sea level. Mount Fuji is an attractive volcanic cone and a frequent subject of Japanese art. Besides that, it is mentioned in Japanese literature throughout the ages and is the subject of many poems.
The highest mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji which stands at 3776 metersabove the sea level. This mountain lies southwest of Tokyo about 100 kilometersaway. Mt Fuji is one of the Japan's 'Three Holy Mountains', the others being Mount Haku and Mount Tate.
The highest mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji, which lies between the Japan Alps and Tokyo. It is a beautiful, conical peak that stands at 3,776 meters (12,390 feet). It slopes very gently toward the foot, however, and the entire area around the base is a national park.
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Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest mountain. It rises to 3776 m and together with Mt. Hakusan and Mt. Tateyama, it is one of the 'Three Holy Mountains' in Japan. It is ...
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