What is the highest point in Florida?


Located in the panhandle bordering Alabama, Britton Hill reaches a height of 345 feet above sea level, making it the highest point in the state of Florida. Florida has the lowest elevated state highpoint in the United States, according to the EveryTrail website.

A monument atop a hill in Lakewood Park marks the highest natural point above sea level. Britton Hill has less total height than many high-rise buildings in Florida's larger cities. The Four Seasons Hotel and Tower in Miami, Fla. is 789 feet tall, for example, and 100 North Tampa in Tampa, Fla. is 579 feet tall. The highest point in the peninsula of Florida is Sugarloaf Mountain, near Clermont in Lake County; it is 312 feet tall.

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The highest point in Florida is located at Britton Hill with an elevation of 345 feet. It's the
boundary point, dude.
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The highest point in Florida is Lakewood which is 345 feet high.
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