What Is the Hottest Planet?


The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus, even though Mercury is closer to the sun. Venus' atmosphere makes it act like an oven, keeping the heat in at a toasty 400 degrees Celsius. You can find more information here: http://www.astronomytoday.com/astronomy/venus.html
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As of January, 2009, there are 5 dwarf planets, and only the asteroid Ceres is close enough to the Sun (just past Mars) to get appreciable solar heating. Surrounded by the vacuum
Venus is the hottest planet even though it is the second closest planet to the
Venus is the hottest planet although Mercury is much closer to the Sun. The reason for this is that Venus has a greenhouse atmosphere that is 93 times denser than Earth's atmosphere
Herbs and peppers have been used to add flavor to foods for centuries. It was Wibur Scoville who determined a way to measure the heat of a pepper. Scoville found that by adding sugar
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Although Mercury is closest to the sun, Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with temperatures up to 854 degrees due to high atmospheric CO2.
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