Importance of Fashion?


The importance of fashion in today's society is greatly underrated. The way you look and dress is the first impression that people will have of you and this means that you'll need to be dressed in a way that fits your fashion, but also compliments you. Personal fashion is a great way to state who you are and what you really stand for.
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The fact is Clothing does more than just conceals your body, it has to ability to accentuate your figure, minimize your flaws, give you the image of either professionalism or slovenliness, convey your individuality, and make you feel your best. As civilized human beings, Clothing is a requirement in order to be decent and presentable to the public.
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Well personal fashion is important because it is your way to express yourself. Now fashion as a whole might not be actually important other then that unless you personally consider
1. A license is not required for the importation of most fashion accessories, such as jewelry, and watches. 2. Prepare to pay an import tax, or duty, in the U.S. on items for resale
fashion is important to teens because they like to impress boys, and to brag about how much money their parents got.
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