What is the incubation period for duck eggs?


Although the time varies with the type of duck, the eggs of most common ducks hatch in 28 days. Commercial egg farmers typically keep eggs in incubators for 25 days. Eggs are often in hatchers for the final three days.

Incubators for duck eggs are typically kept at 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity level of 55 percent. The incubating device turns the eggs several times daily. A few days before hatching, the eggs are placed in hatchers set at a constant temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity starts off at 65 percent, but when the ducklings begin to break through, that level is raised to 80 percent. Temperature and humidity are lowered slightly at the end of the process.

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According to the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University, most domestic duck species, such as Pekin duck, incubate for 28 days to hatching. Muscovy ducks take 35
99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 degrees Celsius) is optimum incubating temp. for duck eggs with the temp. being lowered by one degree to 98.5 in the last 3 days of incubation (25-28th
The incubation period for mallard duck eggs is 26 and a
3 days or less
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What Is the Incubation Period for Duck Eggs?
To incubate means to maintain a set temperature. Incubation of a duck egg is the time period between when the egg is warmed to the correct temperature after laying and when it hatches. Incubation is the period of development of the embryonic duck inside... More »
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