What Is the Inner Core?


The inner core is the earth's innermost core which is at the centre of the planet. This part is the hottest part of a planet which has a radius of 1,220 kilometres which is around 70% that of the moon.
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iron (85 % with some (4-5% nickel and the remainder oxygen, silicon, hydrogen and carbon.
( ¦in·ər ′kör ) (geology) The central part of the earth's core, extending from a depth of 3160 miles (5100 kilometers) to the center of the earth. Also
The temperature in the inner core is about 9032 - 10832 F (5000-6000 C)
The inner and the outer core of the earth are made up iron and nikel mostly.
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The inner core is the center of the Earth inside the Earth. The inner core is the hottest part of the Earth matter. The inner core is round and is about 760 miles in radius.
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