What is the installation code for the Sims 2?


The installation code for the Sims 2 video game is DWJ2-Q92Z-R1R1-5F6R-077P. Sims 2 is a strategic life simulation game that is published by Electronic Arts and was first releases for the PC platform for Microsoft Windows.
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its on the back of the instruction manual.
1. Acquire The Sims 2 CDs. As of 2010, you can still purchase the game via the developer's website at Electronic Arts. 2. Insert CD 1 into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Your computer
1 Log in as the administrator. In order to install Sims 2, you will need to be logged into Windows as an Administrator. If you do not have administrative access on your account, you
If you bought the game and have the case, its on the back of the manual. If you downloaded it, I have no idea, always bought mine.
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