What Is the Job of a Pope?


The pope is the head of the Catholic Church in the whole world. His main role is to act as the head and leader of the church thereby being its spokesperson as well as protect the traditions of the church and its doctrines.
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The job of the pope is to maintain the order of the Catholic religion. The pope is the highest person to the Catholics that maintains the rules that need to be followed.
This question presupposes that the pope only has three jobs or roles. Depending on how you define a job or role the list may be longer or shorter. In generally the pope is the head
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The job of the pope is to lead the Catholic Church and the Vatican. He is also involved in the investigation of various issues concerning the church. He also acts as an arbitrator of disputes within the church.
The Pope's powers and influence are vast and each Pope is closely observed by the international community. He holds the most important position in the Roman Catholic Church and is its supreme leader. The Pope holds numerous titles, including Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, and Primate of Italy. He is the Supreme Teacher of the Catholic Faith. The Catholic Church depends on his authority on matters of interpreting Catholic doctrine.
The pope has various duties in his job and they include; appointing bishops, creating dioceses, mediating between local bishops and the Vatican and making reliable pronouncements when it comes to matters of morals and faith.
The pope heads the Catholic Church throughout the world. He is also the head of state for the Vatican City. The Pope acts as the main spokesperson for the Catholic Church and is supposed to ensure that there are cordial relations between the church and other states in the world.
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