What Is the Job of the Mitochondria?


The mitochondria aids in production of energy, in the form of ATP adenosine triphosphate. This energy is used by different cells to perform the specific work necessary for cell survival and function. It is found in both plant and animal cells.
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Adenosine triphosphate consists of three groups of phosphate attached to an adenine (purine) and a ribose (sugar) Adenine is an organic base that creates uric acid upon oxidation.
T. he mitochondia's job is like a power house.
Mitochondria provide the energy a cell needs to move, divide, produce secretory
Mitochondria would be the electrician. Making energy for the supermarket.
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Well, mitochondria is considered the power plant of cell. It plays a critical role in generating energy for the cell. Mitochondria also recycle and decompose fats, proteins and carbohydrates and form urea.
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The organelle within a cell that performs cellular respiration is the mitochondria. The mitochondria is found in most eukaryotic cells. Its main job is conversion ...
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