What Is the Job of the Ribosomes?


The job of a ribosome is to assemble amino acids to form specific proteins essential in carrying out cell growth or to control the chemical reactions in the cell. This process is done using chemical instructions from the nucleus.
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Ribosome are organelles that synthesize proteins for the cell and send protein to the nucleus. Ribosomes can be free floating in the cytoplasm or be attached to the outer surfaces
Ribosomes are the part of the cell that makes protein. You might find ribosomes
A ribosome is a cellular organelle (it's not a cell) that synthesizes proteins. What happens is a messenger RNA strand will come out of the nucleus. A ribosome will assemble (ribosomes
Because the ribosome is an important site of protein synthesis, human can not leave the protein.
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The chief structure in the nucleus of a cell is the nucleolus. The nucleolus produces ribosomes, which move out of the nucleus to positions along the endoplasmic ...
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