What Is the Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught?


The largest great white shark ever caught measured 12.5 metres. This huge monster was caught in west coast of the Azores Islands by a Portuguese fishing trawler. The average size of a great white shark is 4.8 metres and females are generally larger.
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A Great White captured off Kangaroo Island, South
i have researched and my answer was 41 feet . but i bet there are larger sharks!! i have seen videos and they say that some sharks can grow up to 55-75 ft !!!! i can't believe that
The largest recorded sighting of a Great White Shark was in 1835 in Victoria, Australia where a 13.1m Great White was spotted.
The biggest Great White shark caught was, off Cuba in 1945, 6.4m long. A 10m shark is also said to have been captured,but no empirical evidence of this.
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The largest accurately measured great white shark was 20 feet long.
The female shark was captured off of Canada's Prince Edward Island in 1988.
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