Largest Natural Harbour in the World?


The largest natural harbour in the world is kaipara harbour. It is located in the north-western side of North Island in New Zealand. It is a landform part of water where boats can anchor.
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kaipara harbor, new zealand ______________________ Added by Clay 4.18.10 - I looked for the answer to this question, and found Sydney Harbor, Australia and Kaipara, NZ both listed
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There is no dispute that Sydney Harbour is the world's largest natural harbor. Volume: 0.5 million megalitres, and about 35 square kilometres in area.
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Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour located in Australia is the largest harbour in the World. This natural harbour was the site of the first Western settlement in Australia. It is known for its beauty and in particular, as the location of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
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