What is the largest pumpkin ever grown?


The largest pumpkin to have ever been grown was an 824.8 kilogram pumpkin. The pumpkin won in the Prince Edward County Pumpkin fest in 2011. It was grown by Jim and Kelsey Bryson from Ormstown, Quebec, Canada.
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Larry Checkon's pumpkin claimed the record as the world's largest pumpkin at
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NORTH SCITUATE, R.I. Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ - Champion pumpkin grower, Joe Jutras of North Scituate, Rhode Island, is blessed with more than a. green thumb when it comes to pumpkins
Most pumpkin seeds' coats are thick and hard. However, the naked seed's coat is so thin the seed appears to be without covering. Naked-seed pumpkins were derived when mutant pumpkins
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The largest pumpkin on record is Chris Selven's 1810-pound Atlantic Giant pumpkin, which was harvested in 2010.
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