What is the Latin motto for Arsenal Football Club?


The Latin motto for Arsenal Football Club is "Victoria Concordia Crescit," which literally means "Victory Through Harmony." The motto was not included on the Arsenal FC shirt for a number of years until it was brought back in 2011.

Formerly known as Woolwich Arsenal until 1913, Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886. The team's former motto was simply "Forward," but in 1949 the Latin motto began to feature as part of the crest on the club's match day shirts. In 2002 the motto was dropped from the crest, but nine years later it was included once again, this time just inside the collar at the back of the shirt.

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victory and harmony grows.
Victoria Concordia Crescit.. Translated means, 'Victory through teamwork'.
The club unveiled a modernised crest featuring the same style of cannon below the club's name, set in blackletter, and above the coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Islington
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