What is the Latin word for "teacher"?


Magister is the singular form translation for the word "teacher" in the ancient Latin language. Additionally, Magistri is the plural form of the Latin word, according to the Latin Dictionary.

Latin is considered to be an extinct language, but traces of it still influence our world today.The language began in what is now considered Italy, near the Tiber River, and quickly spread throughout the Roman Empire. Due to the large expansion of the Roman Empire, the language eventually traveled throughout and beyond what we now consider to be Europe. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Latin was used in the Middle Ages, but due to a lack of a united continent, the need for a united language disappeared and Latin as a native tongue came to an end. Although Latin is extinct as a native tongue, it is the root of the Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian languages. Many English words have also been shaped by the Latin language.

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Doctor, magister (-stra , praeceptor ( -trix ), professor. Don't use paedagogus: that is a slave who conducts children to and from school.
Urbs indicates a fully evolved city, as does civitas, though the former has more to do with the physical infrastructure and the latter invokes the community aspect of the city. .
to conquer - vicere - vicit - vici - victum.
i think yes it is mundo.
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