What Is the Length of a Cricket Pitch?


A cricket filed is an oval or circular shaped ground used to play cricket game. There are no fixed measurements of the field. The size varies between 450 feet or 137 m to 500 feet or 150 m depending on various factors.
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The United Cricket Board of South Africa has written a quite extensive book on the subject that is freely accessible through Cricinfo. http://static.espncricinf. o.com/d.
Ideally it should be north-south to avoid the direct eye contact with setting sun behind the bowlers arm, in some grounds direction of winds also play a part in deciding the pitch
Your Ball should hit the top of the off stump. Nothing else. Simple. Watch Glen Mcgrath bowling. He is the perfect example.
The distance between the bases in fast pitch softball is
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The length of a cricket pitch is 20.12m. It is measured from bowling crease to bowling crease and bounded at both ends by bowling crease and on either side by imaginary lines. The width is 3.05m and the whole pitch is a rectangular in shape.
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