What is the length of an Olympic running track?


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The Olympic Games take place over 17 days. The 2016 Rio Games run from August 05 - August 21.
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what is the olympic running track made out of
A standard running track has a length of 400 meters, with two bends and two parallel straights, both radii of which are equal. Typically, the inside area of the track accommodates
The longest running event in the Olympic Games in the marathon at a distance of 26 miles, 385 yards or 42.195 kilometers.
That is Naoko Takahashi of Japan who won gold at the 2000 Games in Sydney with a time of 2:23:14.
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The lanes of the oval track are numbered one through eight from the inside lane to the outside lane. For races in which each runner must stay in his own individual, assigned lane, such as the 100-meter sprint, the 200-meter sprint or the 4x100-meter relay, the starting lines are staggered to ensure that all athletes in all lanes are running the same distance.

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Track and field events were around in 776 BC when the first Olympics were held. Running was the main event in track and field back then. ...
The length of a track can vary in terms of the size of the field and how close the track runs to the field. Today tracks have been remarked in meters with the ...
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