What is the length of Great Britain?


Great Britain is the ninth largest island in the entire world and it measurements in length are just under 1,000 km. It is approximately 600 miles from the North to the South. It has a width of about 480 Km from east to west and its main cities are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff.
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The English Flag of St. George. The English flag is the flag of St. George, the patron saint of the country. It is a red cross on a white background representing purity. It was adopted
Great Britain is the island that consists of England, Scotland and Wales. It is not the same as the United Kingdom, which also includes Northern Ireland.
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בריטניה הגדולה (britannia hagdolah)
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The length of Great Britain is approximately 600 miles (app 1000 km) from north to south while is width is about 299 miles (480 km) east to west. It has an area of 243,000 sq Km.
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