What Is the Lightest Element?


The lightest element is hydrogen, signified by an "H," with an atomic weight of 1.008. It is the first element on the periodic table of elements, making it the lightest element.
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Hydrogen is the lightest and the most plentiful element in the universe. Hydrogen, denoted by the symbol H, has an atomic number of one and joins with many other elements to produce
Lithium is the lightest metallic element. Its atomic weight is 6.491.
Hydrogen and helium are the lightest elements on the periodic table of
Technetium is the lightest radioactive element with the atomic number 43 and symbol Tc in the Periodic table. None of the isotopes of the Technetium element are stable enough to last
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What Are the Lightest Elements?
The periodic table of elements is organized from the lightest elements, those with a low atomic number, to the heaviest elements. The lightest element has an atomic number of one, and as the elements get heavier, their atomic numbers increase. The... More »
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The lightest element on earth is lithium since it has a density of 0.533 units. It is closely followed by potassium, sodium, calcium, rubidium and magnesium. Osmium is considered the heaviest element on earth.
Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest element known to man. Hydrogen is also the most abundant element in the universe, it fuels stars and galaxies.
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