What Is the Lithosphere Made of?


The lithosphere is the solid outer zone of the Earth that is made up of crust and the upper layer of the mantle. It is divided into a number of constantly moving plates of solid rock that hold the continents and oceans.
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There are a number of different scientific disciplines that may study the lithosphere. It should be noted that the term lithosphere is used when describing the layers of the Earth
Pedo means soil. Lithosphere is the outer crust of a planet. Pedo-Lithosphere or pedosphere is the outermost soil layer of the Earth.
the temperature of the lithosphere is about 400 to 550 degrees C.
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The lithosphere is the solid outer layer of the earth and is made up of the crust and the upper layer of the mantle. Specifically the lithosphere is made up of igneous rock. You can find more information here: http://www.universetoday.com/guide-to-space/earth/lithosphere/
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