What Is the Lucky Penny Poem?


The lucky penny poem is just one of many such poems written about good luck. There is a number if lucky penny poems that have been written by various authors, but they al tell the story of how the author finds a penny and how its already changed his or her luck. Lucky penny poems also tell of what home the author has of having good luck if he or she has been plagued with bad luck.
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It is commonly considered bad luck to pick up a penny on the tails side. Pennies
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It's said to be heads...that's why you never are supposed to pick up one that's tails off the ground because that's bad
William Butler Yeats. William Butler Yeats condemned the employers in his "September 1913" poem. The poem is highly critical of the Irish middle class. In it Yeats draws
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The Lucky Penny Poem was performed by Anastasia Wofford on 17th February 1984. She wrote about a penny she picked while roaming alone. Annatacia has also written several poems such as Eternity in Hell, Earleen and Day dream.
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